Top 5 Tips for Organized Living

Many of us like to wait until the New Year before tackling any new projects, especially the resolutions we make to ourselves about getting our lives in order. I can completely understand this; in fact, I don’t even think it’s a bad idea.  Well…I don’t think it’s a bad idea right now, considering 2013 is only a couple of weeks away!  That said, there are some small, painless changes you can make to your daily routine starting today, that can help get your home back in order.  Here are my top 5 tips for more organized living:


1. BEDS: Make your bed every morning.  Taking the extra 5 minutes in the morning to make your bed is TOTALLY worth it!  Coming home to crumpled sheets after a long day at work is not relaxing.  Even if the rest of your room is a mess, a freshly made bed will at least give you a little bit of serenity and hopefully a better nights sleep!


2. DISHES: There is nothing worse than having a rough day at work and then coming home to a sink full of dirty dishes.  Whether it means washing the dishes before going to bed at night, or before going to work in the morning, take care of the dishes so that it’s not something you have to face when you come home from work! An empty kitchen sink = Happiness!

3. LAUNDRY: Most of us have laundry baskets or hampers to put our dirty clothes, however not all of us have a place for our dry cleaning.  These items usually end up piled up on a chair or lumped on the floor somewhere in the corner of the room.  This is not a cute look.  Invest in a second hamper for these items too.  Putting your clothes away, even if that means simply throwing them into the dirty clothes hamper, is a great way to get back control of your room!


4. MAIL: Sort your mail daily!  If your mailbox is located outside, sort your mail right there.  Take out all the junk mail and flyers and throw them out before you even step foot into your house!  It would be great if you had a designated place for the mail to be placed, but perhaps that’s a project for 2013.  In the meantime, start with sorting!


5. DONATIONS: Decided to donate something so that someone else can make use out of it is a great thing. Deciding to donate something and then making piles of junk throughout your home is NOT a great thing.  Once you have decided to give something away, put it in your car and donate it immediately. Don’t worry about making multiple trips to Good Will.  Most likely you wont be finding donate items everyday or even every week for that matter, so you really wont be saving yourself that much time, but you will be saving on space by getting rid of what you don’t need!