Doing Laundry Doesn't Have to be a Dingy Affair

Laundry rooms can be a tricky space and so they often get neglected.  Make your laundry room an inviting space that you don’t dread entering. 



The biggest challenge is selecting the right appliances for the space.  Many of us don’t have much more that a closet to consider as the laundry “room.”  Not to worry, you can still make small spaces extremely functional.  Stackable washing machines can be a great solution.  If there is any room left on the side you can use that for hanging space or shelving for detergents and soaps.


Another option is to purchase pedestal drawers for your machines.  This will give you the space to store all your cleaning supplies without leaving your space looking cluttered and messy.

*Front loading machines are usually the best option in terms of using space efficiently

*If you are in the process of a remodel.  Choose your appliances and construct the room with connections in mind.  You can recess a lot of the piping at the stage, allowing you to get the most out of your space!


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Laundry rooms are not just about the machines.  If space allows, install upper cabinets.  These rooms are also a great area to store extra soaps, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc.  Consider a long cabinet as well for long hanging space or mops and brooms. 


If cabinets are out of your budget, open shelving can be a great alternative.  You can purchase finished white shelves from home depot and even have them cut them to your exact specifications.  Baskets will allow you to store all your supplies without being visually chaotic.



It’s really useful to have a folding space.   This can easily be accomplished by adding a countertop above your machines.  Not only does it provide a clean look, but it also gives you a great work surface.


Consider mounting drying racks to your walls for delicate items that are not meant for the dryer.

A drop down ironing board can also be very helpful.  They barely take up any space but they add a lot to functionality.

Don’t forget to make room for hampers/laundry bags.  If floor space is not plentiful you can always add hooks to the laundry room door and drop laundry bags from it

It’s also important to keep a wastebasket near by so that you have a place to empty the lint trap and throw away used dryer sheets.