The Challenges of Furniture Placement!

Now that you are all moved in…where are you going to put everything!! Organizing the layout of your room is key to fully enjoying your space.  Here are some tips to making your room functional and beautiful.

1)   Decide what the function of the space is going to be and allow your furniture placement to facilitate that.  Perhaps you have a beautiful fireplace, but you spend most of your time watching TV.  In that case you should have your largest seating arrangement facing the TV.

2)   Play with your layout.  There are a lot of great tools out there that you can use to map out furniture placement that don’t require you to lift a thing!  Pottery Barn’s Room Planner is one of my favorites.  Just insert the measurements of your space and play with your layout to see what works best for you!

3)   Don’t place all your furniture against the walls in large rooms!  You end up creating a lot of dead space.  Don’t be afraid to float larger pieces in the space!

4)   Edit your room!! Do not feel the need to cover every empty surface.  Accessorize in odd numbers to prevent making the room feel cold and too meticulously constructed.  Layer in color and pattern over neutrals so that they can stand out more.