The Overwhelmed Me


Introductions!  My name is Sruthi Naidu and I’m a professional organizer.  I have decided to start a blog about various overwhelming situations and my solutions to them.  Before going into the ins and outs of “Mrs. X’s” disaster of a closet and how we were able to fix the problem, I thought it would be best to make the first blog entry about the biggest mess I have tackled…ME!  Now, I certainly haven’t fixed all the kinks yet, but progress has been made, and that’s good no matter how small a step!

A little over 7 months ago my life went under a complete overhaul.   I had been living in Italy and teaching English for the last 5 years and found myself back in the USA, 30 years old, newly single trying to start my life all over again from scratch.  It was time to make a new home for myself, start a new career, make new friends, and with each breath things started to feel more and more impossible!

The Problem: How was I supposed to face each upcoming day knowing nothing had gone according to plan?  If you haven’t guessed from the preface of this site….I’m a pretty organized girl.  I’m pragmatic, thoughtful and take on spontaneity when I’m able to schedule it.  This massive life change was not part of the itinerary!  How was I supposed to mend a broken heart, and figure out a whole new life plan simultaneously?


The Solution:

Step 1: Start with the basics.  I made myself leave the confines of my bedroom.  You would think that would be a given and therefore couldn’t possibly be considered as a step towards betterment, but in my case it was most definitely a step, and a challenging one at that.

Step 2: Give yourself a win! For me this was taking a shower and getting myself ready every morning.  In the beginning this meant throwing on a pair of Lulu Lemons and some sort of sweatshirt.  But hey! It wasn’t pajamas!!

Step 3: Find a purpose/project.  I needed to understand that I didn’t need to figure out the rest of my life in one day.  What I needed to do was figure out the rest of my day.  What did I do with my first day?  I drove myself over to my best friends apartment and cleaned out her closet.  Odd choice.  She couldn’t figure it out at first either.  I needed to fix something.  I needed tangible results of something getting better.  I needed to escape my thoughts, my doubts, my sadness and feel productive again.  For me this came by changing out hangers and creating order in her closet.

Step 4: Recognize your strong points.  While job-hunting, many of us try to find ways to build cover letters to show how well suited we are for a particular position.  I decided that this time around I was going to think about what it was that I was good at and build a job around that.  I was good with multitasking.  I was good at bring calm to stressful situations.  I had spent the better part of a year helping my mother with an extensive home remodel and had a ridiculous amount of knowledge of construction.  I have been influenced by my sisters, who both work in the home décor industry.  Though, I was employed as an “English Teacher” I found myself in the role of therapist more often than not.  Students can easily find themselves overwhelmed, and I happened to be good at calming them down and giving them a bit of perspective.  So there was my solution.  I decided to make my new career about helping to bring people a little bit of peace and order into their lives.  And so it began…