Making the Most out of Your Furniture

One of the most important parts of getting organized is making sure you get the most out of your furniture.  Furniture selection and placement can dramatically change the capabilities of a room....big or small!


Float your Furniture! 

Many people feel constrained by walls when thinking about where to place furniture.   Don't be afraid to place larger items away from walls and closer to the center of the room.  Doing this can allow you to create multiple spaces in one room.  Now, what was your living room can also act as a dining room and home office as well.  Just because you don't have the square footage, doesn't mean you can't get your home to function for you.  If you are struggling with too large a space, this will help alleviate the feeling of wasted real estate.  Giving your things a place to belong and defining spaces will help you to STAY organized.


Another great benefit to floating furniture is that it can allow you to bring in more pieces that provide you with storage.  Think about adding a long entry table behind your sofa.  Not only will this give you another surface where you an display photos and accent pieces, but it can also provide you with storage space for books, dvds, boardgames, etc.

pam family room warm.jpg


A lot of times, when we think of organizing our first instinct is to buy a bunch of containers or new furniture pieces.  Neither are necessarily a mistake, but make these purchases thoughtfully.  Its better to have one large armoire or wall unit  that stores all of your books, DVDs, picture frames, etc. rather that 3 different small shelves and a variety of end tables.  Sometimes fewer larger pieces can make a room feel bigger!


Create Storage Areas

Most homes don't offer deep closets around every corner.  So what is one to do?!  I'm currently working with a client facing this exact problem.  Lack of storage has left her guest room bed as the go to spot to find linens.  To solve her problem we are adding a long low cabinet to her hallway.  This is a great space to add cabinetry.  It's the area right between bedrooms and bathrooms and therefore the ideal location for linens.  The hallway is wide enough that we could "steal" the space.  This also gives us an opportunity to display family pictures and dress up an otherwise unnoticed part of the home.